Welcome to Wordsmiths, Guymon Public Library and Arts Center’s writing club!

We meet once a month to share our work, ideas, and inspiration. Each session focuses on a different type of writing, so you’re bound to find something you enjoy and people to share it with.

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February’s Meeting

Not So Lovely Poems

We turned Valentine’s Day upside down with Not So Lovely Poems. Club members were invited to write unromantic poetry with rhyming poems, couplets, and other variations. We looked at some material by Shel Silverstein and learned about how to write a poem with poetry author Daniel Tysdal,

March’s Meeting

Fresh Flash Fiction

Wordsmiths will be discussing how to write and examples of short fiction (100 – 1,000 word limit) using themes such as books or the library for inspiration. Be prepared to learn, discuss, and share!