Welcome to the Summer Reading Program for the Adults! Who says that all of the fun has to be for the kids?

We have two prize packs up for grabs and a Grand Prize for the top 10 people who earn the most points.

“Well, how do I earn the prizes” you might be asking.

You earn points by participating in the Book Review, Book Bingo or our newest event, the Digital Scavenger Hunt.


Book Review –

If you don’t want to do the book bingo, or the digital scavenger hunt, you want to catch up on your To Be Read pile, that’s fine! You can send in reviews for every book you read, and still earn entries into the prize drawing.  For every book you review, you’ll gain an entry. 

Check out the exact rules here.

Book Bingo- 

As in years past, we have the Book Bingo. This year though we have two different ways that you can earn prizes.  

The first is that you fill in a full line of 5 books, and take a picture that you post to Facebook. 

The second is to fill in the WHOLE board and again take a picture that you post to Facebook. 

For full instructions, Click Here. 


This year we have two different boards you can try out. 

Normal Mode = Click Here to View & Print Your Copy

Hard Mode  = Click Here to View & Print Your Copy 


Digital Scavenger Hunt- 


In addition to the Book Bingo & Book Reviews, we are also hosting a brand new event, the Digital Scavenger Hunt! 

This is meant to stretch your imagination, have fun, and be silly! Adults deserve to have fun too after all. The top three people at the end of the event will get 20, 15 and 10 entries into our prize drawing. 

Each week we will post 6 prompts to our FB page and Instagram. You can choose which ones you like best and do those before the week is over. Some are pictures, some are videos. All of them are meant to be done either by yourself or with the people that live in your home. We are still stuck in quarantine after all, and we value the health of our community. 

You can either post the image on your page and mention us, or post directly to the prompt. 

You can earn points for this in 3 ways. 

    1. Post an image or video in response to the post. You have to either post it to the prompt or mention us. If you don’t do one of these, we don’t know to count it! 
    2. Wear a face mask properly. Since we’re dealing with an epidemic, wearing a mask is important! Encourage others by showing off your mask! 
    3. Figure out which fairy tale the prompt is in relation to. 

So each prompt can gain you a total of 3 points.
Some prompts have special ‘bonus’ items in them that can help you catch up. 

For a more comprehensive set of instructions as well as an FAQ, click HERE