2021 Gingerbread Exhibition: Guymon: City of Homes


Guymon Public Library and Arts Center’s

2021 Gingerbread Exhibition


The Guymon Public Library and Arts Center is pleased to announce the inaugural Gingerbread Exhibition. We invite interested bakeries, schools, organizations, and individuals to register by Monday, November 8, 2021. Any structure is eligible, whether the design supports the year’s theme, Guymon: City of Homes, or represents a traditional holiday scene.


For questions or additional information, call 580-338-7330 and ask for Blair or email adult.librarian.gpl@gmail.com.


Important Dates


November 8 Final Entry Deadline

November 9 All acceptance notifications sent via email (or within one week of submitting an entry form)

November 22 Gingerbread Delivery Day

November 29 Guymon: City of Homes exhibit opens to the public

January 3 Guymon: City of Homes exhibit closes

January 4 Gingerbread Pick-Up Day


Exhibition Guidelines




Only one (1) gingerbread display per entry form will be accepted. To be eligible for the exhibition, a signed and completed entry form must be received via email, fax, or hand delivery prior to 7PM on Monday, November 8, 2021. Gingerbread displays that are not pre-registered will not be accepted.


The Guymon: City of Homes entry form must be signed by the individual entering the competition. If the individual is younger than the age of eighteen (18) by the date of the gingerbread house delivery day, a signature from a parent, legal guardian, or teacher is required.


Entrants will be notified about selection decisions within one week of submitting an entry form (or no later than Tuesday, November 9). Accepted bakers will receive emails with important information about label text that will be displayed next to the gingerbread house, and other updates and instructions.

Cancellation Policy


In the event that you are no longer able to deliver a gingerbread display and must withdraw from the competition, please notify Blair Henson at 580-338-7330 or adult.librarian.gpl@gmail.com.


Exhibit Divisions


  • Professional Division: Bakeries, Caterers, or Professional Bakers
  • Adult Division: Individual or group adult, age 19 & up
  • Youth Division: Individuals, age 8-17 (School groups wishing to participate should call 580-338-7330 and speak with Blair for further information)


Public Voting


Voting for the “People’s Choice” designations will take place by donation at the library. Visitors will vote for their favorite gingerbread entry in each division by donating to the library and noting the gingerbread display they have chosen at the time of voting. Voting will be held through the entire run of the exhibition, November 29, 2021, through January 3, 2022. People’s Choice designees in each division will be posted on the Guymon Public Library and Arts Center’s social media channels and our website. https://guymon.okpls.org.


Exhibit Rules (For All Divisions)


    1. The entry must be original – no gingerbread kits allowed (entry can be made up of pieces of a kit, but the entire entry should not be entirely the kit) – and must have been constructed in 2021.
    2. Entries are encouraged to fit into the following thematic areas: 1) a design based on the City of Homes theme, or 2) a traditional holiday design. The entry does not necessarily have to be in the shape of a traditional “house.” Larger scenes or other types of structures/objects are also allowed, but should not exceed 24 x 24 inches without permission. 
    3. The entry’s major components (such as sides, roofs, etc.) must be constructed of gingerbread, not graham crackers, cookies, gingerbread cake, etc. The rest of the display can be decorated with any edible material.
  • All visible components of the display must be edible. For example, plastic wrapped candies must be unwrapped; any paper or plastic stems of lollipops should be removed or concealed; tin foil bases should be entirely covered with edible materials, etc. Any internal structural support for large gingerbread houses does not have to be edible (i.e. using things other than icing to hold parts together) as long as it is not visible from any angle.
    1. You may add electric lighting and/or motorized movement to your entry. Any light bulbs or wires should be integrated into the display and/or concealed as best as possible. Wired lights with plugs are preferred.
    2. The entry must be delivered in completed form attached to a sturdy base (plywood recommended) enabling it to be freestanding. Bases must be completely concealed with an edible product except for the side edges, which can be trimmed with ribbon or other material.
  • Participants must register for the exhibition by November 8. Entry forms may be obtained online at https://guymon.okpls.org, or by emailing adult.librarian.gpl@gmail.com or by stopping by the library. All completed gingerbread structures must be delivered to the library on November 22, and will remain on display from November 29 – January 3. They may not be picked up earlier than January 4.
  1. The library reserved the right to not display an entry considered to be inappropriate.


Entry Drop Off and Pick Up


Completed gingerbread structures must be delivered to the library between the hours of 9:30AM and 7PM on Monday, November 22. No exceptions. Bakers will be asked to review and edit their exhibit label text when dropping off their gingerbread display.


The location of gingerbread displays in the main area of the library will be determined by library staff. The library cannot be held responsible for any damages incurred to the displays while on the library’s property, but staff will take extra precautions to help ensure the safety of each entry.


Entries can be picked up on Tuesday, January 4 at the library between the hours of 9:30AM and 7PM. Entries not picked up by 7PM on January 4 will be discarded.


Prizes will be awarded in the Professional, Adult, and Youth Division and People’s Choice. Each winner receives a $50 Amazon gift card and a plaque.

Good luck to you all and we look forward to seeing what you can create!